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Comprehensive filming support services in Vietnam by expert local fixers

Vietnam is a country located on the Indochina Peninsula of Southeast Asia, characterized by its distinctive geographical features and extremely majestic natural landscapes. If you are a film crew needing to come to Vietnam for filming and don't know where to start, whom to ask for permits, where to choose locations that suit the film's setting, or even where to rent local props, then Filming Fixer in Vietnam is the entity that will help you answer those questions.

 Comprehensive filming support services in Vietnam by expert local fixers

1. Why should Vietnam be chosen as a film shooting location?

- From the sprawling beaches, and majestic mountain ranges, to the pristine forests and vast plains, Vietnam boasts a variety of natural landscapes, creating the perfect backdrop for all kinds of films, from action, and adventure to romance, and historical.
- The Vietnamese government is increasingly opening up and facilitating the development of the film industry, including offering tax incentives, support in obtaining filming permits, and accommodating international film crews.

- Compared to many other filming locations around the world, Vietnam offers competitive pricing for film production services, from location rental, and labor to post-production services. This significantly reduces production costs for film projects.

 Comprehensive filming support services in Vietnam by expert local fixers

- Vietnam possesses the distinctive characteristics of a Southeast Asian country, from the lush green rice fields in the North to the winding rivers that flow long in the South, the ethnic communities on the highland mountains, or the bustling streets of a busy Ho Chi Minh City, as well as the world's largest cave system in Quang Binh province. These are geographical features that are hard to find in any other country.

- With a long history, closely associated with two famous wars against the American and French empires in the 19th century, Vietnam is suitable for films with war themes in Southeast Asia.

- As a country with more than 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam is rich in diverse cultures, architecture, and customs. There are still many aspects of Vietnam that the world has yet to explore, making it a treasure trove of content to be captured on film and promoted globally.

 Comprehensive filming support services in Vietnam by expert local fixers

2. What will a Filming Fixer in Vietnam support you with?

- Carry out investigations, scout locations, and handle pre-production tasks leveraging deep local knowledge - Introduce innovative concepts to turn your production into reality.

- Assist in organizing your shoot without the need for a preliminary scouting visit.

- Manage all required paperwork and crucial authorizations from government bodies.

- Swiftly secure immigration approvals and equipment clearances.

- Guarantee a seamless production process by adhering to the latest regulations set by local authorities.

- Provide equipment and props, offer camera crew services in Vietnam, and conduct talent and model casting.

- Offer assistance on location, and provide translation and transcription services.

- Organize transport, secure accommodation, and arrange catering services.

- Facilitate the collection of TV breaking news and coverage of current affairs.

- Set up and manage live streaming of a conference or event on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and a designated website.

 Comprehensive filming support services in Vietnam by expert local fixers

3. Why should you choose a Filming Fixer in Vietnam?

Having nearly a decade of experience in video production combined with a background in journalism, I possess a deep understanding of the preparations required for your filming project. It's not just about finding picturesque locations; it's also crucial to engage with the local community to uncover distinctive stories and delve into the culture.

Whatever your team is unable to bring to Vietnam, we can supply, ranging from high-level roles such as a producer, director, production manager, director of photography, and cameraman, to support staff like a camera assistant, production assistant, runner, make-up artist, casting manager, and filming gear. Our group consists of local fixers who are quick to respond, insightful, and adept at handling pressure. 

We maintain strong connections with local and governmental authorities across Vietnam, ensuring your filming process is seamless. Notably, our firm is acknowledged by the Foreign Press Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs—the body that directly grants press and film permits for all related activities in Vietnam—as a reliable and responsible fixer company. We have a certification letter from the Foreign Press Centre to prove it.

I am familiar with nearly every tourist attraction and filming site nationwide, from the stunning rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai or Sapa in Northwest Vietnam to the mature rice fields in the Red River Delta, from a breathtaking waterfall on the Vietnam-China border to vast red sand dunes in a warm coastal city. I also know numerous artisans and craftsmen dedicated to preserving vanishing trades and skills.

Importantly, I offer the services of not just myself but my entire team of committed local fixers in Vietnam, all for the price of hiring just one fixer—me.
Anyway, it is my utmost honor and joy to showcase the beauty of Vietnam and its people to the global audience.

- Hieu Nguyen, CEO
 Comprehensive filming support services in Vietnam by expert local fixers

Filming Fixer In Vietnam is a company with extensive experience, having supported hundreds of film crews from all over the world in Vietnam. Not only has it received high praise from international clients, but Filming Fixer In Vietnam is also a well-known brand within the country for promoting the image of the nation globally. The types of films that Filming Fixer In Vietnam has helped produce include television dramas, documentaries, war-themed films, historical films, local explorations, travel, and culinary shows.

If you are looking to shoot and produce a film in Vietnam, don't hesitate any longer, contact Filming Fixer In Vietnam to get support right from the first step. Contact information details are below:

Hotline: +84 813 327 087
Email: hieunguyen@filmingfixerinvietnam.com
Whatsapp | Zalo: : +84 813 327 087
Website: Filming Fixer In Viet Nam